Solana Donkey NFTs

Separated at birth, these two brothers were both destined for greatness. Whilst one is a legend in his own mind, living a peaceful life on the XRPL, the other was abandoned and left to fend for himself.

This is his story…


Growing up around the dock yards, he got quite the reputation as a real bad ASS.

Upon hearing a rumour from a travelling carrot salesman that he has a twin brother, after a lot of rum and contemplation our avid hero hatched a plan – he will commandeer the local pirate ship and set sail with a crew of real ASS-Sols!

Together with his only true friend, a parrot named Spliff, he will sail the Solana seas to seek his fortune and re-unite with the brother he never knew.

This is where our adventure begins…

Pirate and his Parrot


Being the ASS that he is, he needs to grow his crew, are you the ASS we are looking for?

Yes, we really have a members only ASS-SOL club, come check us out




Originally from South Africa, XRDonkey grew tired of his quiet life of motor racing, nightclub Djing and the boredom of being repeatedly robbed at gunpoint.

So he packed his bags and set off with Mrs Donkey looking for great weather and excitement. Naturally this led him to settle in rural England where in between the thrill of walking the dogs he could focus on his main passion of IT.

After being an early adopter of Bitcoin mining and making almost enough profits from it to buy an entire pizza he embarked on his next adventure – a lifetime ban by Google Adworks! He then decided to found the XRDonkeys project as he’d heard that running an NFT project was something that didn’t require a lot of time and energy. What started as a three month mission has now expanded into a 10 year project with multiple collections, all with utility, as well as a P2E game currently in development.

Not content with only one blockchain, XRDonkey and his herd are bringing the fun and humor of his donkey NFTs to Solana. Welcome to the Stable!



The real boss of the operation, Mrs Donkey is a woman of many talents. Using her accounting qualifications, she makes sure that the financial aspects of the project is correct and complaint with all relevant regulations, right down to the last bit of crypto dust.

Second she is the main bulwark protecting the world against her husband’s worst ideas, shooting them down before they make it into the public space. She too grew tired of the monotony of kidnappings and gunfights of their quiet life in South Africa and was thrilled to move to the UK to partake in the renowned culinary experiences on offer there, such as baked beans on toast.

As co-founder/owner of the XRDonkeys project, Mrs Donkey is also the voice of reason in the asylum of our Directors lounge.



Oreg the Flying Donkey

The real veteran of the team, Oreg was born in Budapest, Hungary before moving to California in the USA so he would never be bothered by radical socialists again.

After joining the Air Force as a young donkey and getting his wings, he became a pioneer of adventure tourism and conducted helicopter sightseeing flights in Vietnam well before it became fashionable.

Sadly, the local population were never really too enthusiastic about this at the time, so he returned to the US to become a long serving member of the Los Angeles Fire Department, fighting fires both on the ground and from the air for the next 27 years.

After deciding that perhaps it would be better to just let that part of California burn, he embarked on a new career running an ISP company.

After getting heavily involved in the XRPL NFT scene right from it’s inception and becoming a whale in many projects, he joined the other donkeys as part of the team.

Oreg is our Oracle, with the other donkeys being greatly appreciative of his wisdom and sound judgement.

Doctor Donkey


Doctor Donkey spent most of his early adult years doing one university course after another in a desperate attempt to avoid entering the workforce. He finally settled on becoming a doctor after having his medical training sponsored by the local funeral directors.

After a few years of moving around Australia selling his patent cures for baldness and erectile dysfunction, he discovered the world by of crypto by earning bitcoin in exchange for watching midget porn videos.

After becoming an avid NFT enthusiast many years later, he joined the other donkeys on the team with the aim of creating the best projects in the crypto space.

SionnieThe SmokingDonkey


Sionnie’s parents were the travelling type and left their son in the Netherlands after discovering their baby wouldn’t fit on their carry on luggage along with a Betamax video player they had found in a rubbish pile.

They also thought it best he grew up speaking Dutch so no one would notice his horrendous speech impediment. After many years of wearing clogs to the local cheese factory with busy weekends full of football hooliganism, Si finally realised his dreams of becoming an artist by becoming a painter.

His signature style is painting the walls of houses the one uniform color, often drawing inspiration from the products of the local coffee shop.

When he discovered crypto he was immediately hooked and joined the other donkeys to build a multi-year NFT project that would provide both fun and profits to the community.



This Ass-sol comes from the school of hard knocks and is the real rough diamond of the herd.

Found as a baby in a basket out the back of an abandoned textile mill in Blackburn in the UK, he quickly started a gang at the local orphanage running a protection racket where poo would be smeared on the walls if the daily milk ration was late.

Despite his difficult start in life, as a young donkey he embarked on a journey to the Holy land, where he got in touch with his spiritual side. After the allure of sleeping in mangers waned, he returned to the UK, finding gainful employment as a truck driver and spending the next few decades delivering all the things that keep civilisation functioning. Along the way, he spent some time in a monastery where he learned the art of waiting for something to happen.

After achieving nirvana, he decided to get involved in the world of crypto and NFTs where his natural calmness and loyalty to his herd stood him in good stead, quickly making him a pillar of the donkey community.

Minting goes live 28/02/2023

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